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Journal of Digital Media Management is the major peer-reviewed, professional journal for all those involved in the capture, storage and effective application of digital media assets. Each quarterly 100-page issue publishes in-depth articles, real world case studies and reviews written by some of the leading experts in the field. Topics range from lessons learned in DAM procurement, to the challenges of digital content work flow, and to monetizing digital assets in new and innovative ways. It. Tailings Dam Management for the Twenty-First Century; doi:10.1007/978-3-030-19447- The International Journal on Hydropower & Dams. The bi-monthly International Journal on Hydropower & Dams publishes research papers, descriptive case studies, project updates, business and financial news, and policy papers aiming to help advance the state-of-the-art of dam engineering and hydropower development. 2021 Issues Submit an article The bi-monthly International Journal on Hydropower & Dams features research papers, case studies, project updates, business and financial news, and policy papers aiming to help advance the state-of-the-art of dam engineering and hydropower development Type: Double Blind Peer Reviewed International Research Journal Publisher: Global Journals Online ISSN: 2249-4596 & Print ISSN: 0975-5861. The Economic Development of Dam Construction Projects by Applying A Critical Chain Project Management . By Mohammad Javad Khosravi. Islamic Azad University . Abstract

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  1. management (DAM) systems to help them organize digital content and create content-based products for their customers, employees, and partners. DAM systems are intended to be control centers for entire content lifecycles, including content creation, management, production and distribution, but the increasing complexities and interdependencies of these processes result in DAM systems falling.
  2. e planning and design of water resource systems, an
  3. Journal of Management Control (früher: Zeitschrift für Planung und Unternehmenssteuerung) 2191-4761

Critics of dams believe that benefits have been grossly overstated, while the social and environmental costs have been largely ignored. Therefore, the aim of this research is to conduct a sustainability assessment of dams' impacts to offer insights for construction of dams and their management. We used analytical hierarchy processing to address the question of socio-ecological sustainability impacts of an illustrative dam, Raees-Ali Delvari Dam (RADD), under climate change condition. The. Keywor ds: decision-making; risk analysis; reliability analysis; value management; dam engineering; Monte Carl ISSN 1741-7589 | E-ISSN 1751-7729. Impact Factor 0.965 (two year); 0.904 (five year); SJR 0.372. High quality articles on the management of water in natural and engineered systems. About this journal I Editorial Panel I Key content I Call for papers I Purchasing information Dams and Reservoirs, official journal of the British Dam Society, it covers their work worldwide and that of the International Commission on Large Dams Allgemeines Management; Change Management; Produktmanagement; Projektmanagement; Prozessmanagement; Qualitätsmanagement; Risikomanagement; Strategie; Führung. Allgemein; Coaching; Instrumente; Motivation; Klassiker; Schwierige Mitarbeiter; Team; Neu als Führungskraft; Businesspraxis. Beschaffung / Einkauf; Controlling / Rechnungswesen; Forschung / Innovation; Kundenbindung; Marketin

• Provides a framework for the management of dam safety and guidelines for development and implementation of dam safety practices throughout Malaysia. • Outlines guidelines on dam safety practices that should be considered during the investigation, design, construction, commissioning, maintenance, operation Subscribe to Dam engineering journal quantitative papers on aspects of the planning, design, construction and maintenance of reservoirs, dams and barrages, and scientific aspects of the design, analysis and modelling of dams, hydro power plants and associated structures What does DAM do? Secures media in a central location; Boosts sharing and storing of media files; Increases project efficiency; The user-interface of a digital asset management system. DAM and CMS integrated. DAM and CMS are vastly different systems but they can be used in unison. By integrating the two, all media files needed for editing in the CMS are immediately available in the DAM. Integrations also provide a quick way to share files for someone in the CMS Water resource management and role of dams 1. Presented to- Amit Kumar Das Assistant Professor DBA-JNSMS Presented by- Barsha Paul (07) Debajyoti Paul (14) Devismita Dutta (19) Joyjit Mazumder (28) Nibedita Chakraborty (36) 2. •Water resource management is the activity of planning, developing, distributing and managing the optimum utilizations of water resources. •In this era, Water.

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Die Korrelationen von VHB-JOURQUAL3 mit dem britischen Academic Journal Quality Guide (AJQG) liegt bei 0,66 und mit dem Impact-Factor-Maß Scimago Journal Rank (SJR) 0,70; beide Werte fallen jeweils höher aus als die entsprechenden Korrelationen von VHB-JOURQUAL2.1 mit AJQG und SJR. Diese Ergebnisse deuten auf eine hohe Konsistenz und Güte von VHB-JOURQUAL3 hin. Die Abweichungen zeigen aber. TAILINGS DAM MANAGEMENT Gathering data with consistency and regular-ity from tailings dams across the world, with the help of a monitoring solution, can offer mining companies and other stakeholders Filed under: Dam Engineering - Dam Monitoring Reference: Second International Dam World Conference, Portugal, Lisbon, LNEC, April 21-24, 2015 WEB-BASED REAL-TIME MONITORING AT PERRIS DAM USING IN-PLACE INCLINOMETERS AND PIEZOMETERS WITH AN AUTOMATIC NOTIFICATION SYSTEM (2011 International Conference on Data Analytics and Management (ICDAM-2021) is organised with the objective of bringing together innovative scientists, professors, research scholars, students and industrial experts in the field of Computing and Communication to a common forum. The primary goal of the conference is to promote the exchange of innovative scientific information between researchers, developers, engineers, students, and practitioners. Another goal is to promote the transformation of.

This paper compiles the available information on historic tailings dam failures with the purpose to establish simple correlations between tailings ponds geometric parameters (e.g., dam height, tailings volume) and the hydraulic characteristics of floods resulting from released tailings. Following the collapse of a mining waste dam, only a part of tailings and polluted water stored at the dam. Unser neuer DAM-Manager-Lehrgang vermittelt den Teilnehmern umfassende Kenntnisse für die Einführung und den Betrieb von Digital Asset Managenemt Lösungen. Darüber hinaus werden Themen wie Digital Asset Managenemt Operations aufgegriffen, die Erstellung von Business Cases, die Anwendung von DAM-Lösungen sowie einen konkreten Fahrplan für die DAM-Einführung Hydrological Sciences Journal Volume 48, 2003 - Issue 4. Submit an article Journal homepage. 499 Views 24 CrossRef citations to date Altmetric Miscellany Gestion du barrage de Manantali sur le fleuve Sénégal: analyse quantitative d'un conflit d'objectifs. Management of the Manantali Dam on the Senegal River: quantitative analysis of a conflict of objectives. JEAN-CLAUDE BADER IRD , BP 64501.

Journal of Digital Media Management is the official peer-reviewed journal of the Henry Stewart DAM conference series held each year in New York, London, Chicago and Los Angeles. Details of our 2016 events can be found at here shortly The flood frequency and the dikes overtopping at the downstream part of transboundary (Bulgaria-Greece-Turkey) river Evros/Maritza has increased dramatically in the last 13 years. It is not clear if the increase of flood frequency is due to climatic changes or to inappropriate management of Bulgarian dams. This fact raises the question of modeling the flood routing through the many dams in. The International Journal of Project Management is the leading journal for the field of project management and organization studies. Its mission is to publish leading edge innovativ... Read more. Articles. Articles in press; Latest published; Top cited; Most downloaded; Research article Full text access. Labyrinth of labels: Narrative constructions of promoters and protesters in megaprojects. International Journal of Geo-Information Article Management System for Dam-Break Hazard Mapping in a Complex Basin Environment Jian Mao 1, Shandong Wang 2, Jianhua Ni 1, Changbai Xi 1 and Jiechen Wang 1,3,4,* 1 Department of Geographic Information Science, Nanjing University, Nanjing 210093, China; nh146@163.com (J.M.); neejianhua@126.com (J.N.); xicb11@gmail.com (C.X. Dams have contributed to human development by providing reliable sources of drinking water and irrigation, hydropower, recreation, navigation, income, and other important benefits (World Commission on Dams (WCD), 2000). Further, in the pres-ence of climate change, dams may play an increasingly important role in protecting water resources. For example, areas affected by severe drought and.

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professionals dealing with some of the aspects of dams which can extend help in the matter, wherever required. Recently (1998) the World Commission on Dams (WCD) has been established. ICID Sustainable irrigated agriculture, drainage of rainfed crops and of irrigated land, and flood control and management - comprise the main action thrusts of the ICID. All these are directed to ensure continued foo The Aswan High Dam has made a tremendous contribution to the economic and social development of Egypt by controlling floods and significantly reducing the impacts of droughts. Since the Nile provides 97% of Egypt's water requirements, efficient utilization of its waters is obviously essential for Egypt's future. This paper reviews control of the Nile's flow by the Aswan High Dam during the 20‐year period 1968-88, and makes some recommendations as to how best to utilize the Nile waters.

Fisheries management during dam construction is essentially an exercize in local damage control. This is best carried out by a specialist fisheries team working under the project office. The fisheries team should have access to construction site managers and supervisors, funds for field work and construction activity, and authority to implement protective measures. The team should also involve. Our objectives were to 1) assemble a unique dataset of vegetation productivity, digitized beaver dam locations, and grazing histories spanning three decades; 2) apply a linear mixed modelling approach to evaluate biotic and abiotic predictors of riparian vegetation productivity and quantify anticipated gains in productivity in response to management decisions; and 3) use path analysis to evaluate direct and indirect linkages between biotic and abiotic factors and describe the. Malaysian Journal of Environmental Management 7 (2006): 113 - 128 Environmental Management Activities of An Infrastructure Development Project: The Case of Beris Dam, Malaysia NIK NORULAINI NIK AB. RAHMAN1 ASYIRAH ABDUL RAHIM2 & FERA FIZANI AHMAD FIZRI1 ABSTRACT Development projects need to integrate environmental dimensions into project management functions to ensure successful implementation. Management of high triglyceride levels (150 to 499 mg per dL) starts with dietary changes and physical activity to lower cardiovascular risk. Lowering carbohydrate intake (especially refined.

The Water and Environment Journal is an internationally recognised peer-reviewed journal for the dissemination of innovations and solutions focused on enhancing water management best practice. The journal provides a conduit between academics and practitioners. We therefore particularly encourage contributions focussed at the interface between academia and industry, which deliver industrially impactful applied research underpinned by scientific evidence. We are keen to attract papers on a. Sediment management practice for various types of dam and reservoirs. Depending on the project characteristics we may divide the dams and reservoirs into the following main categories: 3.1 Run-of river dams with no or relatively small reservoirs 3.2 Run-river-dams in series with excavated power discharge conveyance channels 3.3 Large dams and reservoirs with minimum pool level variations 3.4. This scientific journal is published by School of Business, Bogor Agricultural University (SB-IPB) associated with the Indonesian Alliance of Magister Management Program (APMMI). JABM began the publication in August 2015 with a frequency of three times a year. Starting in 2016, JABM will be published in January, May, and September Several of the mine's workers warned their bosses the dam was about to collapse, an investigation by The Wall Street Journal has found. The disaster killed 270 people, mostly Vale employees or.

Sediment flushing can tackle reservoirs siltation and improve sediment flux through dammed rivers. However, the increase of the sediment loading below the dam can trigger a suite of undesired ecological effects in the downstream river reaches. To limit these drawbacks, sediment flushing can be controlled, by jointly regulating the sediment concentration of the evacuated water and the. Introduction to tailings dams Tailings facilities in the portfolio Approach to dam risk management at BHP The future Olympic Dam Tailings dam classification informs design and management of dam facilities and assessment of dam risk. Tailings dam classification systems Tailings dams 10 • • • • • • Tailings dams. CDA operated tailings facilities Introduction to tailings dams Tailing

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Senior management at Brazilian miner Vale were never shown internal security documents indicating that its dam at Brumadinho was at risk of collapse, the MyNewMarkets.com Claims Journal dam construction and for the users to safely and competently construct small dams without recourse to the costly, complex and sophisticated design and construction techniques associated with dams on larger catchments. The manual includes an introduction to community participation, social and gender issues in siting, constructing and operating dams, environmental issues and fish production as. Google Scholar provides a simple way to broadly search for scholarly literature. Search across a wide variety of disciplines and sources: articles, theses, books, abstracts and court opinions NCR's EJ Management solution provides the ability to easily and efficiently manage your electronic journals for your entire multi-vendor ATM portfolio. This includes automated retrieval and straightforward storage, viewing, and analysis. NCR's Unified Agent™ is installed on each ATM and captures every update made to the electronic journal Passage of downstream‐migrating fishes through hydropower dams poses a management issue in rivers throughout the world. As such, regulations have been enacted at many locales to understand and limit fish losses by requiring dam passage survival estimation. However, limiting estimates of survival to the dam and immediate tailrace presents a challenge to researchers. In this study, two.

THE PANOS LONDON ARCHIVES 1987-2013. PANOS LONDON CEASED ITS OPERATIONS IN 2013. THE PANOS GLOBAL SOUTH NETWORK KEEPS THE PANOS LONDON WEBSITE ARCHIVED, TO ALLOW FOR ITS CONTINUED USE AS A RESOURCE. In 26 years working in the field of media and communications for development, Panos London produced a wealth of journalism, information and resources, shedding light on underreported issues and. It's commonplace for an enterprise tech stack to consist of a Content Management System (CMS), a Content Delivery Network (CDN), and a Digital Asset Management (DAM). In this column, we'll. Journal of Financial Economics Journal of Hospitality & Tourism Research Journal of International Business Studies Journal of Management Journal of Management Information Systems Journal of Marketing Journal of Marketing Research Journal of Operations Management Journal of Travel Research Management Science Manufacturing and Service Operations Management Marketing Scienc

  1. For almost a decade, Egypt, Ethiopia, and Sudan have been negotiating over the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD). Unfortunately, these negotiations have not led to an agreement
  2. (Aslam and Van Dam, 1998), SALTMOD (Nasir et al., 2003), SWAP (Kuper, 1997; Qureshi et al., 2004; Sarwar et al., 2001) and UNSATCHEM (Condom et al.,1999). These studies, focusing only on the technical field-scale issues associated with soil salinity, recom- mended solutions without taking into account stakeholders in any meaningfulway,orthesocial-economicaspectsoftheproblem.This.
  3. ated sediment.
  4. American Shad passage at the dam has been poor, ranging from 0 to 1,100 fish per year, relative to passage at other facilities in the region. Additionally, our observations indicate that there are relatively high numbers of American Shad present downstream in the river (averaging 50,000) compared with the entrance of the fishway or its pools (<8,000). On average, the rates of observed American.
  5. Flood Control and Disaster Management. Flood control refers to all methods used to reduce or prevent the detrimental effects of flood waters (Wikipedia).Some of the common techniques used for flood control are installation of rock berms, rock rip-raps, sandbags, maintaining normal slopes with vegetation or application of soil cements on steeper slopes and construction or expansion of drainage.
  6. Water Level Monitoring and Management of Dams using IoT. Author(s): S. Janani, J. Joy Sing, L. Mayuri, D. Mansur Ali Page(s): 739-743 Published in: Volume-3, Issue-2, February-202

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  1. ation should include inspection, palpation, range of motion, strength, neurovascular assessment, and specia
  2. ASCE-ASME Journal of Risk and Uncertainty in Engineering Systems, Part A: Civil Engineering; Journal of Management in Engineering International Journal of Geomechanics Journal of Materials in Civil Engineering Journal of Aerospace Engineering Journal of Nanomechanics and Micromechanics Journal of Architectural Engineering Journal of Performance for Constructed Facilities Journal of Bridge.
  3. management. Dams, Basin Planning, and Flood Risk Management Facing page: Francis E. Walter Dam at maximum discharge in September 2004, returning to normal reservoir levels following Tropical Storm Ivan. 42 Chapter 2 In 1955, Hurricanes Connie and Diane rocked the North Atlantic region, spreading destruc-tion and devastation in their wake. One report said, Bridges along the Delaware were.
  4. A winning data management strategy relies on a wide range of tools and technologies. Collaboration between business and IT is essential to achieving this. SAS Data Management facilitates business-IT collaboration and o˜ers: Many companies manage large volumes of data on low-cost storage. They rely on powerful processors using distribute
  5. SJR is a measure of scientific influence of journals that accounts for both the number of citations received by a journal and the importance or prestige of the journals where such citations come from It measures the scientific influence of the average article in a journal, it expresses how central to the global scientific discussion an average article of the journal is
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Search the world's information, including webpages, images, videos and more. Google has many special features to help you find exactly what you're looking for Management System Journal is one of our most important tools by which we hone all four. To that end, in this issue we range from the battlefield to the strategic; from the venerable C6 machine gun to the forthcoming Headquarters Shelter System; from the mundane importance of using the correct fluids to the heady application of battlefield forensics. We do so while exploring the realms of.

Dam also resulted in loss of assets i.e residential structure, commercial structure and cattle-sheds to the extent of 33.33 to 66.67 percent in different villages (Table 5). Total asset lost due to project was maximum (66.67) in Kyan followed by Kasol (45.45 %), Harnora (41.67 %), Ropa (38.46 %) and Jamthal (33.33 %). This was due to the fact that earlier villages were located nearest to the. Author home - Journals. Welcome to journal authors' area, with information and links to all the resources you need to publish with us. We're here to help. Look to the right of this text to find our guidelines for preparing your manuscript or submitting you article. To help create your work, we've prepared a comprehensive guide on writing, preparing and publishing an article. From help with. My Headache Journal Chronic migraines and headaches keep you from living your life to the fullest. Keeping a detailed record of your headaches helps your doctor: • Detect patterns • Diagnose causes • Create a treatment plan to help you get rid of your headaches for good. Using this journal gives your care team the detailed information they need to give you back your quality of life. Only RFID Journal provides you with the latest insights into what's happening with the technology and standards and inside the operations of leading early adopters across all industries and around the world. To stay informed and take advantage of all of the unique resources RFID Journal offers become a member today Inscrivez vous à notre newsletter . Accueil > Design Architecture Management DAM. Design Architecture Management DAM

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  1. Limiting water stress risks: irrigation management key for bioenergy production to mitigate climate change Read more Press Release. Gulf Stream System at its weakest in over a millennium Read more News. A constructive approach to climate protection: Potsdam Climate Council with PIK participation Read more News. Winter weather, a polar front - and areas of drought: PIK's assessment of the.
  2. ed that a large earthquake — which is expected to occur again in the Pacific Northwest sooner or later — could cause the.
  3. Journal Policies. Plagiarism policy; Open Access Policy; Publication ethics and malpractice statement; Peer Review Policy ; Correction, Retraction and Withdrawal Poli cy; Copy Right and Licensing Policy; Complaint Policy; Conflict of Interest; Roles and Responsibilities ; IJRSR Downloads. Model covering Letter; Model Manuscript; Copy Right Form; Online Thesis and book; Sample Certificate.
  4. Older versions of Adobe Experience Manager, CQ, and CRX Older versions of Experience Manager documentation. The versions of Experience Manager, CQ and CRX listed on this page are End of Life and no longer officially sold by Adobe
  5. Other dams such as Nepean, Cataract, Cordeaux and Avon are also expected to reach capacity and begin spilling on Saturday afternoon, Water NSW said. The mayor of Wollondilly Shire Council, the local government area in which Warragamba Dam is located, told AAP he was concerned about flooding in lower areas. Robert Khan cannot remember the dam spilling over in his nearly 40 years of living in.
  6. The dam also has complicated Bay restoration efforts because the 14-mile reservoir it creates has reached its capacity to trap sediment from upstream sources. As a result, more nutrients and sediment from farm runoff, municipal wastewater and stormwater are flowing into the Chesapeake, where they contribute to algae blooms and other water quality woes

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Dam-induced pollution of freshwater bodies in sub-Saharan Africa has increased with its attendant resettlement challenges. The damming of the Black Volta in Ghana led to the resettlement of some inhabitants who lived close to the Black Volta. The study aims to investigate the impact of the Bui Power Project on the surface water quality of its resettlement communities, 5 years after the. Dams - large and small Although dams have been built in the world since times immemorial, large dam construction was earlier not possible though needed, because of lack of adequate design knowledge, construction equipment, new materials like cement and concrete and technology of construction. Also, economic conditions and institutional capacity existing in countries that needed large dams, did. The journal welcomes papers in all topics of hydraulics, in particular articles on sustainable water management, water-health issues, environmental hydraulics, eco-hydraulics, coastal engineering and integration of hydraulics with hydrology. Inter-disciplinary problems and linkage of theory to field application are particularly encouraged. Solutions of water problems in the form of prediction.

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2019 Journal Citation Reports (Clarivate Analytics): 166/265 (Environmental Sciences) 52 (originally Regulated Rivers: Research & Management), Geoff Petts. On the Cover Skip slideshow. The cover image is based on the Short Communication The potential contribution of small coastal streams to the conservation of declining and threatened diadromous fishes, especially the European eel by. The journal publishes original articles about significant AI theory and applications based on the most up-to-date research in all branches and phases of engineering. Suitable topics include: analysis and evaluation; selection; configuration and design; manufacturing and assembly; and concurrent engineering. Specifically, the journal is interested in the use of AI in planning, design, analysis. Domain Statement. Organization & Environment aims to publish rigorous and impactful research on the management of organizations and its implications for the sustainability and flourishing of the social, natural and economic environment in which they act.OAE searches for insightful contributions to the academic, managerial and policy debates related to the sustainable development of.

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  1. The global resource for crisis management Now in its 17th year, Crisis Response Journal, along with its associated channels, is the global information resource that covers all aspects of human-induced disasters and natural hazards, spanning response, disaster risk reduction, resilience, business continuity and security
  2. How Effective Are Your Big Five FEMI Risk Management Programs? Inspectioneering Journal Damage Control: Thermal Fatigue Assessment Conventionally, three primary fatigue analysis methods have been used to estimate fatigue life; these are the stress-life (S-N) approach, the strain-life (ε-N) approach, and the fracture mechanics (crack growth) approach. An API and Inspectioneering Project.
  3. ation are the touchstones of our journals publishing program. COVID-19 information hub. Explore articles from leading journals and online resources OUP has made freely accessible. Frequently asked questions. Review our FAQs on how OUP is supporting Societies, Editors, Authors, Customers, and colleagues. Resources on race and.
  4. es man-made dams but dams can also be created by natural causes like mass wasting events or even animals like the beaver
  5. Effect of the Large-Scale Dams on the Hydrological Regime; A Case Study in Chao Phraya River Basin, Kingdom of Thailand . JOURNAL OF JAPAN SOCIETY OF HYDROLOGY & WATER RESOURCES, Vol. 18, No. 3. Water Reservoir Applications of Markov Decision Processes. Optimal scheduling of large-scale hydrothermal power systems using the Lagrangian relaxation technique. International Journal of Electrical.

• Dams serve as a heat sink, and the water is hotter than the normal river water. This warm water when released into the river downstream can affect animal life. • Peak power operations can change the water level thirty to forty feet in one day and can kill the animals staying at the shorelines. • Around 400,000 km2 of land worldwide has been submerged due to the construction of dams. 38. Biogeosciences (BG) is a not-for-profit international scientific journal dedicated to the publication and discussion of research articles, short communications, and review papers on all aspects of the interactions between the biological, chemical, and physical processes in terrestrial or extraterrestrial life with the geosphere, hydrosphere, and atmosphere

Journal title : Journal of Hydraulic Engineering: Publisher : American Society of Civil Engineers: Volume : 144: Issue/season : 3: Pages : 05017006: Peer reviewed : Yes (verified by ORBi) Audience : International: ISSN : 0733-9429: Keywords : [en] Warning wave ; Inverse problem ; Analytical model ; Dam operation ; Dam management ; Flood risk ; Water resources management [fr] Barrages ; Crues. Need of Biomedical Waste Management System in Hospitals - An Emerging issue - A Review 5 views; Research and Development Index (RDI) as an indicator for Economic development 5 views; Environmental Impact Assessment of Kol-Dam Hydropower Project - A Case Study from Himachal Pradesh, India 5 view Limnologica publishes peer-reviewed articles addressing biological, physical and chemical aspects of freshwater ecosystems and adjacent habitats. We particularly invite contributions dealing with applied topics (e.g. ecotechnology, bioindication, restoration and conservation) and with less frequently investigated aquatic ecosystems and world regions such as South America, Africa and Asia) Tailings dam risk management | Many global companies opportunities for improvement. February 12, 2019. Mining Editor. 7 Min Read . Many global mining companies scored poorly on management of tailings risks. A global foundation created to monitor and measure practices of mining companies has issued a statement in response to Vale's Córrego do Feijão (Brumadinho) tailings dam disaster. Mr. Zhou, the reservoir management vice director, says the dam is not responsible for the blooms. Algae had turned out to be less of a concern than the Three Gorges committee had expected, he says.

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Renewable hydropower is a reliable, versatile and low-cost source of clean electricity generation and responsible water management. Modern hydropower plants are helping to accelerate the clean energy transition, providing essential power, storage, flexibility and climate mitigation services. Read more. News. all news. March 19, 2021. IHA's new website wins three international design awards. International Journal of Management (IJM) ISSN 0976-6502. ISSN 0976-6510. Twelve Issue Per Year. 2. International journal of Marketing & Human Resource Management (IJMHRM) ISSN 0976 - 6421 . ISSN 0976- 643X . Four Issue Per Year. 3. International journal of Intellectual Property Rights(IJIPR) ISSN 0976-6529 . ISSN 0976-6537. Two Issue Per Year. 4. International journal of Advanced Research in. On 25 January 2019, the structure damming a pond filled with iron ore mining wastes (tailings) burst at Brumadinho, Brazil (1), causing a massive mudslide that killed at least 232 people. This tailings dam failure was only the most recent in a long list of catastrophic tailings dam accidents (see the first figure) ([ 2 ][1], [ 3 ][2]). Similar accidents also occur at electric power stations. The purpose of Sustainable Water Management is simply to manage our water resources while taking into account the needs of present and future users. According to this definition, I think The Three-Georges Dam in China can only partially be counted as Sustainable strategy. Here is an amazing..

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