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  3. Chatbot is a very simple to use plugin, that allows you to create and talk to a FULLY CUSTOMIZED bot on your server. It works by choosing from phrases YOU can specify in the config to respond to anything your players might say. The possibilities are infinite!

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Minecraft Bots - Discord Bot List Spice up your Discord experience with our diverse range of Discord bots. Top Music Moderation New Bots Explore Tags You must be logged in to upvote bots! Login. Close Discord Minecraft. 3,867 ONLINE 18,758 Servers. Chat Spy. Captcha Breaker. Auto Eater. Mass Chatting. Auto Reconnect. See Bot's View. Area Miner. Ore Miner. Wander. Shield Aura. Item Dropping. Mass Control. View all plugins . Designed for the most popular servers. While the bot works globally on any server, we've hand crafted our features to ensure they're dominating beautifully on the servers you enjoy. Most Popular Versions Supported. [DISCORD] Chat Bot 2020-06-03 A simple bot that allows minecraft text to relay over to discord

Hope you enjoyed the Video! If you did then please subscribe and have a great time!SUBSCRIBE HERE: http://tinyium.com/1jUhFREE MODERATOR!: https://www.youtub.. You can chat with Minecraft Steve here. Ask to Minecraft Steve whatever you want. Talk to Minecraft Steve online right now. Chat with Minecraft Steve's chatbot is very easy and funn When creating the bot you need to do some extra things: # If enabled it will show emoji names in minecraft chat. show_emoji_names: true # [Chat Discord] # <name> will be replaced with the minecraft user name. # <message> will be replaced with the message from minecraft chat. discord_chat: '**<name>** <message>' use_discord_nicknames: true # If false users from discord can't use color codes. Ich bin gerade dabei einen Bot in Minecraft zu erstellen. Dafür habe ich das mcp benutzt. Nun möchte ich den Chat den ganzen Server abgreifen und verarbeiten. Leider gibt es in der Suche Chat im Minecraft Client Projekt über 3.600 Ergebnisse. Und ich möchte ungerne alles durchgehen, weil ich wahrscheinlich auch nicht erkennen würde was. A spamming bot for Minecraft thanks to mineflayer. Mainly for Windows, not tested on other OS. Written in Node.js. Link to the page of this project. Features. Supports 1.16.3. Infinite number of custom phrases. You can add your own phrases by editing the file config.json. Discord Bot Support. Custom delay between chat messages. In milliseconds

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  1. Minecraft Verkaufs-Bot? Hey, ich hab auf GrieferGames einen Verkaufsbot gesehen. Ich hab mich gefragt, wie das funktioniert. Könnte man das nachmachen? Meine Codeskills sind nicht wirklich gut. Gibt es da einen Open Source-code oder so was? Ich habe einen 2. Account und einen VServer könnte ich auch besorgen, falls das nötig ist. (Beispiel: Ein Spieler zahlt dem Bot 1000 Ingame Geld und der.
  2. So We Build The Chat Bot and Yeah This is my first chat bot it not good i knowand sorry for my bad englis
  3. g a server of a kid that spammed me on skype.. well rip! Thanks for watc..

Minecraft builder bot 5th generation This is the minecraft builder bot that was originally made by inside inside and updated by many other users including spacedot. This will be where the next generation, made by testingthisgame will be hosted and downloaded Plugin Thread: https://www.spigotmc.org/resources/the-chat-bot.15971/Follow me on Google+ https://plus.google.com/u//+LtJim007Tweet Me Plugins: https://twit.. Crafty is a highly configurable Minecraft focused Discord Bot. Crafty can do all kinds of thing such as, fetch information about a Minecraft server, show information about a Minecraft player, list the newest Minecraft versions, play trivia, image manipulation and so much more. Highly Configurable. Configure Crafty to work however you want! Blazing Fast. No setup required, it just works! Online.

Baritone: The Automated Minecraft Bot (Installation Tutorial) By Frank May 17, 2020 March 18, 2021 As I get a lot of questions asking about this on the Info Toast discord, yes this is completely compatible with 1.16.X and probably will be compatible with 1.17 soon after it comes out even before I update it First you must make a discord bot, and then in the config.yml file the plugin generated, you enter the Bot's Token, and any other information that you need to change! Every time someone types in chat, it sends the message in a discord channel of your choice

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Minecraft; Ausrüstung. Hardware; Software; Apps; Discord Server. Music Bot; Chat Bot; Overwatch Stats Bot; CS:GO Stats Bot; Tools; Kontakt; Discord Server. Chat Bot. Mytox Chat Bot. Fun Befehle: !admin !allesklar !amk !diss !dubistscheisse !dunervst !gg !gollum !ha !hallo !haltdeinmaul !haltstop !heulleise !heysiri !machmusik !mee6 !monkeyonthecar !nein !pow !was !weltuntergang !wiegehts. At the moment we have a bot in the in-game chat that can read and respond to messages, and my mate has an IRC both that's also in the in-game chat as well as the server's IRC channel. Got the bot controlling our whitelist and some other things so I don't need to log into rcon /// The virtual class ChatBot contains anything you need for creating chat bots /// Inherit from this class while adding your bot class to the ChatBots folder. /// Override the methods you want for handling events: Initialize, Update, GetText. /// /// For testing your bot you can add it in McClient.cs (see comment at line ~199)

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Players use the 'AFK Script' typically to setup their Chat Bot. If you do choose to setup an Console Client with a chat script, PLEASE set it to only advertise once every ~10 minutes. In the past there have been people with 4 alts advertising every 2 minutes. It just becomes horrible as the chat is just flooded with adverts Select server where you want the bot to join and authorize it (If you do not see server in the list, you might not be an owner of that server) If bot is running at the server and it has correct token, you can write command !set integratedchannel on the textchannel which you want integrate with Minecraft chat string instead of the default regex pattern to parse the message Minecraft Chat bot? Discussion in 'Archived: Plugin Requests' started by tecthai, Feb 20, 2011. Offline tecthai. I'm looking for a bot that will teach the noobish users how to play on our server. For example: someone types: How do I play The bot then sees the keyword How and play and gives back a canned response like Start a mine or something like that. Thx! tecthai, Feb 20, 2011 #1. Send chat messages from discord to minecraft and back /discord command which sends an invite url to the sender; Webhook mode Shows player faces; Customizable server avatar; Commands ; Server crash detection (might not always work!, forge only) Player timeout detection (might not always work!, forge only) Death and advancement messages; API for mod developers to send messages and register.

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7 Number-guess chat bot in Minecraft. This example illustrates how to build a chat bot, interacting with players in the chat window. 7.1 Background. This is a simple number guessing game: the server picks a random number between 1 and 100. the player tries to guess that number. the server provides feedback after every single guess: the game ends if the player's guess matches the number; let. Now, give your bot a name and picture by clicking Bot and boom your done but keep the Developers page open. Now, drag Skript and Vixio to your plugins folder and boot up your server with your Start.bat. After this is done, shut your server down, and you will see why we do this in a bit. Next, go to your Skript folder inside of the plugin folder, and you will see a folder called scripts. Go.

I've managed to set the bot up correctly and its working as expected, however I would prefer if my players weren't able to use @everyone in the Minecraft chat I've tried removing the permission from my bot but if the bot doesn't have the Administrator permission it won't work at all. Please add a feature inside of the mod to block @everyone. The most advanced Minecraft Discord bot. Features such as username history, server information, Hypixel stats, player skins, trivia & more! 229 votes in March. 12 reviews. Invite Vote. 229. Overview. Prefix / or @Crafty (Customizable) Server Count. 35,339. Tags. Minecraft. Fun. Game. Creators. Tj. Chinese_Marc. Robert. Get Support. Report Bot Website. User Reviews 4.7 /5. Based on 12 reviews. GET YOUR MINECRAFT CHEATS NOW. Choose your plan before these offers self-destruct:: FREE MINECRAFT HACK. FREE For 1 PC ONLY. FREE, BUT EASILY DETECTED . VERSION : 12.005 . UPDATED : 04 September 2020 . No support given . DOWNLOAD NOW. The public version of our Minecraft Cheat is available for those who want to use, but do not mind if they get banned. The public version does not include any of.

A Minecraft bot for Discord with lots of commands such as player skins, name history, mojang status, server ping, quiz. ONLINE. Listed since Invalid Date (902 days ago) Prefix mc/ Unique Upvotes 11. Library Discord.Net. Servers 9,543. Tags Games | Customizable | Utility. Owners Builderb#0001 . Invite Upvote Support Server. Translated in many diffrent languages. Main Commands. Command Arg Info. McObot is an IRC bot designed specifically to relay messages between the game server and the MinecraftOnline IRC channel. It was written by Flippeh and SlowRiot in Python. It relays all in-game chat to the IRC channel, and vice versa. It relays in-game events such as joins and quits to the IRC channel Minecraft Hacks, Cheats & Bots. Download or share your Minecraft hack at world's leading forum for all kind of Minecraft hacks, cheats and bots. Here you will find a list of discussions in the Minecraft forum at the Other Online Games category. Sub-Forums: Minecraft: Search this Forum : Forum: Last Post: Threads : Posts: Minecraft Guides & Strategies. All the Minecraft guides you ever need. Minecraft Bot. Translated in 16 diffrent languages including (English Default) Minecraft account information such as skins, name history and game stats from Hypixel, HiveMC, Wyncraft. User profiles, badges, verified accounts and verified custom role. Full wiki/game guide for colors, mobs, items, potions and new features . Rcon support - Remote console commands from Discord to your Minecraft.

It specifically stated only guild chat bots were allowed, and not other bots. More recently, there have been examples of guild bots which have not yet been banned, but no hard evidence that they are allowed under the current rules. Bots that operate outside of guild chat are more risky, but aren't out of the question Minecraft bot using php Minecraft MC Bot. Built for vanilla minecraft servers, works with out using plugins, and relies strickly on rcon. Has a permission system, web based install and admin, database using sqlite3, written in php and bash. Also can run as service or daemon Minecraft-Befehle für den Operator (PC) Um diese Minecraft-Cheats und -Konsolenbefehle einzugeben, müsst ihr das Chatfenster öffnen, indem ihr die T-Taste drückt. Jeder Befehl wird eingegeben. You seem to be doing multiple things here, if you just want to forward the messages from Minecraft to a Discord channel, there is no need to handle the message event emitted from the Discord API, just the chat event emitted by Mineflayer. Be careful when defining your Discord client as you want to do const client = Discord.Client(); not const client = Discord.client(); LiquidBounce is a free and open-source Forge injection hacked client for Minecraft 1.8.9 - 1.12.2

Default Keybinds (15) Note: Keybinds are slightly different depending on your Minecraft version. Check the Wurst Wiki for details Die Sprachausgabe kann in den Chateinstellungen oder durch Strg + B aktiviert werden und kann Chat- und Systemnachrichten vorlesen. In den Minecraft-Optionen lässt sich einstellen, ob alle Nachrichten, nur Chatnachrichten oder nur Systemnachrichten vorgelesen werden sollen. Die entsprechende Meldung erscheint als Toast. Die Stimme und die Funktionsweise der Sprachausgabe ist vom verwendeten. Minecraft Discord Bot. A Minecraft Orientated Discord Bot for the Factions Gametype. I remind you to check walls and you earn points in exchange for checking. Subscribe to YouTube, Twitter and Minecraft Forum accounts and get update notifications to your discord server. Ping Minecraft Servers, retrieve your minecraft skin and view your profile! Also includes Strawpoll commands and lots of.

Fabric-Discord-Link is for Minecraft 1.14.x, 1.15.x, 1.16.x and 1.17 snapshots. A mod to link Minecraft and Discord chats for Fabric This mod is server side only Add default color (white) for @everyone roll; Remove 1.12 in favor of 1.12.2; Change system property fallback (environment variables are no longer supported, but Java properties (e.g. -Ddiscordchat.discord.server=1234567890) are still supported) Use numeric channel IDs instead of names, allows using channels in categories

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MineBot is an advanced minecraft bot that allows you to automate diffucult tasks with only a few simple clicks. Download Bot Plugins Macros. Support Tutorials Plugin API . Purchase Features. Discord Pre-Sales Discord Premium Discord. Login. Purchase your license. 39.99. 50. 20% off. Lifetime access to application; All future updates free; Manage unlimited accounts; Available on Windows PC only. Minecraft-Discord Chat Bot for a 1.16 Snapshot Server. Are there any bots/datapacks that would allow for the in-game chat of a server running 1.16 snapshot 20w12a to be sent to a Discord server channel in live time? I do know of DiscordSRV and other plugins, but this is a vanilla server. 1 comment. share. save. hide . report. 60% Upvoted. This thread is archived. New comments cannot be posted. Minecraft client written in rust, very WIP, no rendering. willemml: Rust: GPLv3: Yes No 1.16.3 and 1.15.2 (requires recompile) active hl-mc-kt: API for creating bots/clients, also has a built in CLI for launching instances of the built-in chat bot, also works as a chat CLI supporting multiple servers at once using one or more accounts. willemml. Currently I am trying to set up a discord bot that would log me into a server, and convey the messages sent by players into a discord channel. I am not an admin nor have any staff related things on the server, so i'm unable to ftp in and use rcon, I want it to log my user in, and just convey messages back and forth. Is this possible? So, I have so far tried via npm packages, but none of them. This bot is able to execute console client account scripts via discord commands. The included commands are [., .logout, .relog] the names of these commands make them fairly self explanatory. When you purchase this resource you will be able to download the .zip file containing the Instructions & Bot file, life time support is also included and I will assist you in setting up if needed

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- Bot1 My_bot_name Greetings . Forge_User_29700245, Jan 31, 2013 #1. Offline MayoDwarf. I may make this for you but if I do it will be public if that is alright? MayoDwarf, Jan 31, 2013 #2. Offline Forge_User_29700245. Of course, I don't have intention to make it private. Thank you! Forge_User_29700245, Jan 31, 2013 #3. Offline nhadobas. This would be a great plugin. nhadobas, Jan 31, 2013. Minecraft cheats are largely achieved via Minecraft commands, a series of little codes and phrases you can use to change the game in useful ways

Sends a JSON message to players. 1 Syntax 2 Arguments 3 Result 4 Output 5 Examples 6 History 7 See also Java Edition tellraw <targets> <message> Bedrock Edition tellraw <target: target> <raw json message: json> JE:<targets> entityBE: target: target CommandSelector<Player> Specifies the player(s) to send the message to. Must be a player name, a target selectoror a UUID[Java Edition only].And. In this brief introduction to programming using Python, students are going to create a chatting robot (chat bot) designed to confuse the user into thinking that they are talking to a real person This Minecraft tutorial explains how to use cheats and game commands with screenshots and step-by-step instructions. In Minecraft, there are cheats and game commands that you can use to change game modes, time, weather, summon mobs or objects, or find the seed used by the World Generator The official Minecraft Discord! | 700,000 member Wenn das Chat-Fenster mit dem Bot im Telegramm geöffnet ist, drücken Sie die Taste Start. Sie sehen diesen Text: Klicken Sie auf /newbot und wählen Sie einen Namen für den Bot. P.S. Bitte geben Sie Ihren Botnamen ein. Danach müssen Sie einen Benutzernamen für Ihren Bot auswählen. Folgen Sie einfach den Anweisungen auf dem Bildschirm. Sobald der Benutzername ausgewählt wurde, wird Ihr.

We invite members of all sexuality, gender, age, ethnicity and much more! Billing Panel Game Panel Website Panel Bot panel. Turn your Discord server into a business with dozens of features to help you generate monthly recurring income through donations and subscriptions. You can promote your community here. for the first error, it's also strange, i don't have this mod in my modpack, the only. Discord Bots - Music Bots for Discord. Home; Join Discord Discord Servers; Advertise; Premium; Login Music Bots - Discord Bot List Spice up your Discord experience with our diverse range of Discord bots Top Music Moderation New Bots Explore Tags You must be logged in to upvote bots!. Download Spam bot for free. It basicly spams whatever text. There is 4 collons where you can write some text, and when you click spam the text you wrote will be spammed to whatever text thingy you have like skype Nachfolgend werden einige Beispiele für Befehle mit NBT-Daten aufgeführt. Auch die größeren Beispiele mit mehreren Zeilen kann man problemlos in den Befehlsblock kopieren, die Einrückungen und Zeilenumbrüche stören dabei nicht. Anders bei Funktionen: Diese verstehen keine Zeilenumbrüche in Befehlen, man muss sie dort entfernen. 1 Gegenstände 1.1 Abfragen, was der Spieler in der Hand. Den ersten Chat-Bot gab es schon in den 70er Jahren. So richtig bekannt wurden sie aber erst seit Microsoft auf der Entwicklerkonferenz im März.

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Minecraft bietet über die Chat-Funktion einige sehr nützliche Kommandos, die beim Bau Das zuvor ausgewählte Programm öffnet sich nun und der Inhalt der minecraft.jar wird angezeigt. Holen Sie nun den im Hintergrund geöffneten Ordner hervor, in den Sie zuvor die Mod Singleplayer Commands entpackt haben. Markieren Sie den gesamten Ordnerinhalt und ziehen Sie die Dateien in das. Minecraft Rohstoffe finden und abbauen: Unendlicher Wasservorrat, Gute Minen, Holz im überfluss., Wichtig bei Bäumen, Flint Alles was du letztendlich beim Begriff Minecraft bot erfahren wolltest, findest du bei uns - genau wie die besten Minecraft bot Erfahrungen. Um den qualitativen Unterschieden der Artikel genüge zu tun, messen wir in der Redaktion vielfältige Eigenarten. Besonders unser Testsieger sticht von den ausgewerteten Minecraft bot stark heraus und konnte so gut wie bedingungslos abräumen New adult Minecraft server that is 24/7 To join the server you send your discord to confirm your age and I can add you to the discord server, there Press J to jump to the feed. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Log In Sign Up. User account menu. 6. Adult Minecraft Server [18+] Close. 6. Posted by 5 days ago. Adult Minecraft Server [18+] New adult Minecraft. Minecraft Chat Bot. Close. 2. Posted by 3 years ago. Archived. Minecraft Chat Bot. Hey, I'm looking for a minecraft chat bot that recognises when someone says something and does an action in return. For example, if I said Hello the bot would say Hello back in chat. I'm looking for source cords/links to anything helpful regarding this. I have some experience with coding but not much at all.

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Browse and download Minecraft Bot Mods by the Planet Minecraft community So I was writing a bot to help you solo queue into dungeons, and then all of a sudden the bot got banned. According to a former moderator on the forums, he wrote: The API offers no way to send chat messages, but you can create a bot which connects to the server and sends messages. Note that.. Is a bot such as this allowed if it only interacts with guild chat and /guild <> commands? What about if it interacts with public chat, with parties, or with housing? I have seen threads regarding this, although they don't seem to have a definite answer / no staff response, and the one staff response I could find was from a while back (some time in 2018) and was a screenshot provided from a. Simple idle bot for minecraft using mineflayer. Moves randomly every $interval, eats food when hungry. - minecraft_idlebot.j

LabyMod Voice Chat Voice Chat in Minecraft. Totally free in-game voice chat for Minecraft with 3D surround sound. Play together like never before! Learn more. Actively contribute to the design of LabyMod Suggestion / Bug Platform. LabyMod is constantly evolving according to the wishes of the community. Here you can send us your ideas or bugs and vote for them! Our developers give their best to. On Minecraft-Heads.com you can find more than 30.000 custom heads, which can be used to decorate your world! The collection is seperated into two databases: the first contains custom heads, which never change their texture, using the Give-Codes from Minecraft 1.8+, the second one includes player heads which can be used in all Minecraft versions

Minecraft Hosting; Game Hosting; VPS; Discord Bot; Panels. Billing Panel Game Panel Website Panel Bot panel. BOT Hosting services. Service Ryzen 5 3600. DDR4 RAM. NVME Storage. 256MB Ram. $0.75 USD/mo. 5 GB NVME Disk Space. Unmetered Bandwidth . 480Gbps DDoS Protection. SFTP Access. Instant Deployment. Order Now 512MB Ram. $1.25 USD/mo. 10 GB NVME Disk Space. Unmetered Bandwidth. 480Gbps DDoS. Minecraft Skript Join/Leave Message + Chat Bot. FipsundMunne. Oct 29th, 2017. 487 . Never . Not a member of Pastebin yet? Sign Up, it unlocks many cool features! text 0.33 KB. I want create a chat bot progrom in batch. The chat bot responds to different keywords. For example: If you said Hi, bot. Then it takes the keyword Hi and then responds with something like: Hel..

You should get a message with a code and instructions to send this code to our DiscordSRV bot named BR. Copy the 4-digit code and go to the Builder's Refuge Discord. Find this bot: Step 4: DM the randomly Generated code to the BR bot . You should then receive a success message saying that your Discord account has been linked to your Minecraft username. Step 5: Re-log for the role. My Bot says @ole, Minecraft server is online - Nobody is playing But the Server is offline. Has anyone a Idea? Try querying your server on this site and see what it says: https://mcsrvstat.us/ If that site says it's offline but my script says it's online, I'd like to find out why. If you're comfortable sharing your server address with me for debugging, add me on Discord: vegeta897#7777. This. The original Discord bot list, find the right bot for your server today. Home; Server; About; Login. Welcome to Discord Bots! Search I'm not sure... More for your consideration... AIMod 33 servers discord.js CamTheHelpDesk #5701. Prefix: aim! AIMod uses machine learning to automatically process reported messages on your server. Source Code Invite Support Server. Kanade 76 servers discord.js. Minecraft Chat-bot built with Python With the pollChat() option in the rbj mod I created a chat-bot named after our assistant in the office Kate. Meet <Kate-Bot> she will go by other names when you need her help. She is a work in progress mainly by myself and the students that want to get involved. I have instructions on easy how to's to get started in adding to the project. To connect to the. Minecraft Schematics is the best place to find Minecraft creations (schematics, worlds, maps) to download. Browse, share, download, comment, add to favorites... Hosting 13057 creations. Learn more Our blog Post a creation . Follow us Featured Creations . Modern House #83. modern house project # 82 best house in version 1.16.5 download map and schematics, city los angleles map see the video.

H-Gen is the most advanced free account generator that free accounts for services such as Minecraft, Spotify, Crunchyroll, Origin, etc. Help Discord Videos ToS. Account Generator . Generate. x. Discord. Invite our H-Gen discord bot to your server. We have a discord bot that anybody can invite to his/her discord server. With it you and your whole community can generate accounts directly from. Minecraft mit Hacks zu spielen macht gleich doppelt Spaß. Da das Aufbau-Spiel sich auch ohne Hacks komplett modifizieren lässt, gibt es viele Schlupflöcher im Programm-Code. Diese lassen sich wunderbar nutzen, um sich immense Vorteile per Hacks zu verschaffen. Wir stellen Ihnen heute die drei besten Hacks für Minecraft vor Minecraft crafting, enchant calculator, firework crafting, flat world generator and much more! Welcome on Minecraft Tools! We propose free tools for Minecraft, like: Custom Crafting. Firework Crafting. Flat World Generator. Mobs Generator. Enchant calculator. Banner Crafting. Crafting help. Custom world. Armor color. Beacon color . Skin Grabber. Color codes /title Generator. Sign Generator. MineBot is an advanced minecraft bot that allows you to automate diffucult tasks with only a few simple clicks

Browse and download Minecraft Bedrock Mods by the Planet Minecraft community. Home Minecraft Mods New. Login; or; Sign up; brightness_4 Dark mode. Search Mods. Minecraft. Content Maps Texture Packs Player Skins Mob Skins Data Packs Mods Blogs. Browse Servers Bedrock Servers Collections Time Machine. Tools PMCSkin3D Banners Papercraft. Community. Socialize Forums Wall Posts Discord Members. Minecraft ist Minecraft und bleibt Minecraft, und das unter anderem auch wegen der gigantischen Auswahl an Mods: Viele der langlebigsten Spiele. In Minecraft 1.9, F3 + D will clear your chat. Because this works, there must be either a command or .class that it calls upon. Can this somehow be run from a command block at a certain perio..

7 Number-guess chat bot in Minecraft | R Programming withPlanet MineCraft Chat-Bot! Minecraft SkinAi Player Bots Roblox | How Do You Get Robux On Roblox For

Telegram: Bot löschen - so geht's. Wollt ihr den erstellten Bot in Telegram wieder löschen, wechselt ihr einfach zurück in das Gespräch mit @Botfather und gebt dort /deletebot ein.. Wählt. Das Versenden von Briefen auf euren Minecraft-Server macht einen besonderen Reiz aus. Das Erhalten von Nachrichten ist durch den globalen Chat oder dem / whisper-Command zu einfach, dass es höchste Zeit wird, euren Spielern ein richtiges Postwesen zu ermöglichen. Die beste Möglichkeit bietet das Courier-Plugin, wenn es schlicht und simple. Minecraft 1.17 Snapshot Game Version. Shark 3000 • 03/17/2021. 52 13. x 1. MCDoom - A Forge/Fabric mod! 1.16.4 New Content Mod. 11. 5. VIEW. Minecraft 1.16.4 Game Version. AzureDoom 03/17/21 • posted 03/14/2021. 743 142 4. x 1. ModernArch Mod [1.14] 1.14 Aesthetic Mod. 147. 197. VIEW. Minecraft 1.14 Game Version. Designio Graphics 03/16/21 • posted 02/25/2020. 102.4k 27.2k 95. x 10.

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